Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo Founders Receive Stewards of Sustainable Agriculture Award

Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin selected by Ecological Farming Association as 2009 “Sustie” winners in recognition of their active role as leaders in promoting sustainable agriculture

Jun 9, 2009

Pescadero, CA (June 9, 2009) – Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo today announced that founders Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin received the 2009 Ecological Farming Association’s (EcoFarm) “Stewards of Sustainable Agriculture” or “Sustie” award. The award is given annually to those who have demonstrated an active and critical involvement in sustainable agriculture. EcoFarm first awarded the Sustie in 1988.

“Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin have demonstrated long-term, significant contributions to the well-being of the agricultural profession and the ecological health of the planet,” said Kristin Rosenow, Executive Director of EcoFarm. “Their leadership and dedication to the principles of organic farming have shown that sustainable organic farming practices can be successful and profitable both here in the United States and in the developing world.”

Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo has long been recognized as a leader in organic culinary herb and vegetable production. Jacobs and Belin founded Jacobs Farm as an organic farm in Northern California in 1980. The couple created the Del Cabo organic growers association in Baja California six years later. Both Jacobs Farm and Del Cabo are committed to growing food that is healthy and safe for people to eat as well as safe for the environment. Jacobs Farm and Del Cabo’s combined certified organic acreage includes over 3,700 field acres and 22 acres of greenhouses.

“The values that drive the work of EcoFarm are the same as the values on which we founded Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo.  We are honored to be acknowledged by EcoFarm and the community it represents,” said Larry Jacobs.  “After farming organically for nearly thirty years, I believe more than ever that this approach to food production is critical to both our health as individuals and the health of our planet. Most importantly, organic farming can feed the world in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.”

Larry Jacobs has been living his commitment to sustainable farming for decades. His first foray into naturally managing pests was in 1969, when he successfully introduced beneficial insects to control aphids in Monterey pine tree nursery stock. Since that time Jacobs’ and Belin’s achievements have ranged from starting the first organic farm in San Mateo County, California to planting mustard for regional bio diesel production. Jacobs and Belin have also spearheaded an effort to research viable pest control strategies for conventional Brussels sprout growers to help reduce dependence on organophosphate pesticides.

Jacobs and Belin also led efforts in Baja California to introduce Integrated Pest Management practices, leading to a paradigm shift in how agricultural pests are controlled in the area. Most recently, Jacobs Farm won a lawsuit that will force pesticide application companies to be responsible for the drift of organophosphates onto organic crops. EcoFarm’s “Sustie” award is Jacobs Farm’s most recent recognition for its pioneering work in many aspects of sustainable agricultural techniques.

Jacobs Farm grows more than sixty organic fresh herbs and edible flower varieties. The farm has pioneered organic growing practices and never used toxic, persistent pesticides or herbicides. Founders Jacobs and Belin are deeply committed to sustainable, organic growing practices. Year round, Del Cabo farmers produce a wide assortment of organic tomatoes including specialty cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, vegetables, and fruits, which are distributed to stores throughout the United States and Canada.

About Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo
Established as an organic farm in 1980, Jacobs Farm has long been recognized for the consistent high quality of its organic culinary herbs and edible flowers. Founders Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin created the Del Cabo farming cooperative in 1986 with the goal of benefiting a cooperative of family farmers in Baja California through the teaching of organic growing practices and by providing funding, management, organizational skills and international markets to ensure success. Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Organic Trade Association’s 2007 Organic Farming Leadership Award and the 2005 Sustainability Award from the County of San Mateo. Jacobs Farm has seven farms in Northern California and combines its production with that of the Del Cabo cooperative for year-round availability of high quality fresh culinary herbs and tomatoes. For more information, please visit www.jacobsfarm.com and www.delcabo.com.

About the Ecological Farming Association
The Ecological Farming Association (EcoFarm) is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1981. EcoFarm fosters a far-reaching network of people, NGOs and businesses committed to sustainable agriculture. EcoFarm’s education programs have reached more than 60,000 participants during 30 years. The organization’s programs bring together a diversity of stakeholders in California food production to promote grassroots leadership and regional solutions to decrease the negative impacts of industrial agriculture on environmental and community health.


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—Paul from Berkeley, CA