Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo Founders Honored As Organic Leaders

Larry Jacobs, Sandra Belin recognized for outstanding achievements in organic agriculture

May 7, 2007

(Pescadero, CA ) Founders of Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo, and organic industry pioneers Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin, have been awarded the Organic Trade Association's (OTA) prestigious 2007 Organic Farming Leadership Award for their remarkable contributions to the organic industry.

According to OTA, this year's leadership award received the largest number of nominations to date and Jacobs and Belin were selected for "their innovation in organic farming practices, their extensive work to educate farmers on organic conversion, and for being pioneers in their fields. Their commitment to the organic community and tireless efforts have positively influenced many people and organizations beyond their individual company or business".

"We are grateful for the recognition', stated Larry Jacobs. "Twenty five years ago, we were considered backwards for our insistence on using biological pest controls and for building up our soils with organic matter, instead of applying chemical pesticides and fertilizers. With organic sales continuing to grow an average of twenty percent per year, more farmers are considering growing organically. But with less than one percent of our food being produced this way, there is still much work to be done. We are excited to see the next generation actively involved in organic farming and we are counting on their passion and leadership to further advancements in organic agriculture."

Jacobs and Belin founded Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo with the goal to produce great tasting, healthy food in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Holding to a unique vision of social change through the use of a sustainable approach to agriculture, innovative business practices and organic farming methods, the company continues to help many individuals and communities prosper.

With Jacobs Farm founded in 1980 and operating as a successful organic herb farm, and with proven experience developing niche markets, the couple felt confident with the idea for their next venture. In 1985, they encountered a community of struggling subsistence level farmers in Mexico, and the idea for the Del Cabo cooperative was conceived.

Del Cabo's small farm and community centered production, supported by international market opportunities, proved to be successful. The economic benefit of ensuring the best return for small scale farms has made a significant impact on the entire Baja region, often yielding a ten-fold increase in average yearly earnings for farmers. This collaboration between Jacobs Farm and the Baja growers currently provides over four hundred farming families with the tools necessary for success. These include training in organic growing, harvesting, and handling, start-up funds, farming technology, administrative training, reliable logistics and consistent distribution channels.

"For over twenty five years, Larry and Sandy have worked to develop Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo into a major participant in the U.S. organic market as well as into one of the leading organic producers in Mexico. Through commitment to growth with integrity, through fearless implementation of innovative ideas and through a tireless work ethic, they have made a significant contribution to the furthering of sustainable agriculture through their business practices and through promoting and teaching organic agriculture. In so doing, they have created significant economic benefits and personal growth opportunities for their partners, their employees and for communities in both Mexico and California", stated John Graham, long time employee and Production Coordinator for the company.

Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo is based in Pescadero, CA, The Jacobs Farm brand represents certified organic product grown in northern California and features an extensive culinary herb and edible flower line. The Del Cabo label features basil, a full category of cherry tomatoes and other certified organic produce grown in the farming regions of Baja California. Jacobs Farm combines its production with that of Del Cabo's, for year round availability. For more information about Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo please see About Us.

Organic Trade Association (OTA) is a membership-based business association that focuses on the organic business community in North America. OTA's mission is to promote and protect the growth of organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy. To learn more, visit OTA's website.

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