Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo Champions Fair Trade Certified Organic Produce

Jun 13, 2013

By Christina DiMartino
Produce News

Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo, also referred to as JF/DC, headquartered in Pescadero, CA, has practiced innovative organic growing methods, and has been an organic industry leader for over three decades.

“The success of our extraordinary company is rooted in a unique vision for social change and a longstanding dedication to growing premium, flavor-focused produce in an environmentally friendly, ethical, sustainable manner,” said Marina Pace, Marketing Director.

“This past January we began offering organic and Fair Trade Certified bananas from Peru. They carry their own rich story that will appeal to a growing consumer audience hungry to know where their food comes from, whether it is produced in an ethical, just manner and if it is safe to eat."

The organic banana growers that Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo works with, through education, technical expertise, funding and access to markets, are members of small cooperatives and their tremendous success is somewhat unique to the banana industry where low wages are the norm.

A strategic collaboration between Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo and Fairtrasa, a Fair Trade company based in Latin America, provides assistance and opportunity, lifting farming families out of poverty to enjoy sustainable prosperity. Their incomes on average increase by 500 percent over previous earnings.

Since last January, Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo has certified some of its Baja-based Del Cabo growers’ products as Fair Trade. This enables the company to supply Fair Trade-certified specialty tomatoes through mid-May, including its famous line of “Del Cabo” organic cherry tomato varieties. Production from those zones will begin again in the fall. Pace added that plans are currently underway to certify other Del Cabo grower groups in other areas of Mexico in order to close production gaps.

“The trade will be inspired to learn the story of the banana growers and the Del Cabo cooperative of farmers in Mexico, and to reflect upon the examples they set for a sustainable future in global food production,” added Pace. “The organic and Fair Trade-certified products these farmers deliver to market is the result of our social mission. It holds strong consumer value satisfying a growing trend towards ethical purchasing."

”Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo has two product lines that are branded separately. One is organic and the other is Fair Trade-certified organic. The company’s social mission and environmental stewardship drives everything that it does, including new product development."

“Our organic culinary herb line is comprised of over 60 varieties of herbs and edible flowers,” said Pace. “We also have California production of organic strawberries.“

"Under our ‘Del Cabo’ brand, we offer organic specialty tomatoes, vegetables, basil and fruit grown by our Del Cabo network of more than 1,200 farming families,” she continued. “Through our strategic alliance with Fairtrasa we have a network of 2,500 additional farmers. Our Fair Trade Certified product line now includes avocados, bananas, limes, mangos and, most recently, our specialty tomato line.”

Other new organic retail products introduced by JF/DC earlier this year under the “Del Cabo” brand are mixed bell peppers in three-count bags and green beans packed in 12-ounce bags. The beans are produced in Mexico with California supplies strengthening in June.

The new items also include Roma tomatoes in 16-ounce clamshells and ruby tomatoes on the vine in 16-ounce clamshells. The ruby tomatoes will begin movement at the end of June or early July.

Under the “Jacobs Farm” organic line, the company offers ginger in four-ounce clamshells, strawberries packed in open pints and 16-ounce clamshells, which were available as of early June.

Pace said that strawberry production this season is designed to serve local customers in Northern California with the ripest, freshest “just picked” berries possible.

“Plans are under way to roll out ‘Jacobs Farm’ organic Living Basil this summer,” Pace added. “Hydroponic basil production from our Northern California greenhouses has recently undergone organic certification.” 


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I just purchased your Sugar Plum Grape Tomatoes and they are without rival the best tomatoes of any kind. Thank you for the heavenly organic produce.

—Paul from Berkeley, CA