Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo's Larry Jacobs Wins NRDC Growing Green Award

Veteran Grower Honored for Extraordinary Leadership in Sustainable Food

Apr 4, 2013

See Larry's video and read his guest post on NRDC's "OnEarth."

NRDC's president honors Larry for a "Growing Green" award. See the full video with more on Larry.

Marina Pace

Pescadero, CA Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo has announced that founder Larry Jacobs received NRDC's "Growing Green" Award in April 2013. The award is given annually to extraordinary leaders who are advancing America’s food system to become healthier and more sustainable. Jacobs was recognized in the “Business Leader” category for his pioneering contributions in organic food production and safe solutions for pest control that became the conduit to realizing his company’s mission to end poverty through opportunity.  

For more than 30 years, California farmer and entrepreneur Larry Jacobs has been a pioneer in scalable and equitable organic food production that prioritizes people and proves that we can grow profitable food without chemicals. After his own dangerous encounter with pesticides in his early twenties, Larry dedicated his life’s work to championing organic farming with innovative non-toxic pest control approaches. From founding California-based Jacobs Farm, one of the nation's largest producers of fresh culinary organic herbs, to building the Del Cabo Cooperative, an over 1,300 family farmer-strong partnership supporting organic growing in Baja, Mexico, to setting a legal precedent that protects organic farmers from drifting pesticides, Larry’s efforts inspire new sustainable food opportunities for thousands of families across the Western Hemisphere.

"With this Growing Green Award, we hope to encourage other businesses, farmers and innovators to join us in growing healthy food, in a healthier way," said Jacobs. "We can’t think of anything more important and fulfilling than finding ways to grow good, healthy food without poisoning ourselves and the planet with persistent toxic chemicals."

Jacobs was one of four winners, selected by an independent panel of prestigious sustainable food thought-leaders whose pool of 200 impressive candidates included diverse growers, business leaders and food change agents across the country.

"America’s highly productive food system is often a disaster for health, communities and our environment," said Jonathan Kaplan, director of NRDC’s Food and Agriculture Program. "But these entrepreneurs show us that we can defy the gravity of the conventional food industry and innovate smarter, healthier, and more equitable ways to produce food."

About Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo
Founded by Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin in 1980, Jacobs Farm is recognized for the consistent high quality of its organic culinary herbs, edible flowers and now vegetables grown on ten diverse farm sites in Northern California.  In 1985, Jacobs and Belin created the first Del Cabo farming cooperative model to end poverty while protecting the environment and promoting social development. Opportunity through funding, training and market access transforms the lives of small-scale, marginalized growers, creating robust communities and fostering sustainability. Located on the Baja peninsula and in Sonora, Del Cabo provides basil, herbs, fruit, specialty tomatoes and vegetables to North American markets. Through a strategic partnership with Fairtrasa, a fair trade organization that shares the same mission, 2,500 Latin American growers and Del Cabo’s 1,300 growers have been lifted out of poverty, resulting in dramatic economic, social and environmental health gains. Visit: www.jacobsfarm.com and www.delcabo.com.   

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