Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo opens FARMSTAND in Pescadero, announces FARMFEST

Veteran organic grower showcases new direction in area agriculture through latest venture

Apr 26, 2012

Contact: Marina Pace
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PESCADERO, CA - FARMSTAND, the latest venture from Pescadero-based organic herb and vegetable grower Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo, will open its barn doors on May 4, ushering in the new wave of organic farming and small-scale, sustainable food production in the region. Visitors can enjoy weekly specials and a fresh assortment of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, eggs, honey and more. Jacobs Farm’s new crop of organic strawberries - grown in the fields surrounding the barn - will be available opening day and throughout the season.

To help kick off FARMSTAND’s second season, plans are underway for “FARMFEST”, a special on-site celebration free to the public. On May 26, from 12-5 pm, visitors can learn about area farming. Kids and adults can get up close and personal with free-range chickens from a local egg farmer, learn about local bee-keeping from an area expert, pot up organic herb starts to take home, hear talks on organic farming from Jacobs Farm, learn how mustard in the surrounding fields is fueling farm vehicles through an innovative biodiesel project, and more.

Located in the historic Level Lea barn and surrounded by bucolic farmland, FARMSTAND will showcase a bounty of organic and local foods from Jacobs Farm, from Del Cabo and from the burgeoning community of neighboring coastal farmers and food producers.

“It’s fantastic to see the organic farm community expanding. We’ve enjoyed more than 30 years farming organically and successfully in this region steeped in traditional farming. We’re now seeing a surge of new farmers and others passionate about producing food sustainably,” said Larry Jacobs, co-founder of Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo and FARMSTAND. “This is a great opportunity to share our collective knowledge to help build a healthier, more sustainable food system locally,” added Jacobs.

FARMSTAND will continue to offer information on other local food producers, including grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry farmers. Visitors can also gather helpful tips on preparation, nutritional facts and recipes for weekly offerings. FARMSTAND will be open Friday through Sunday, and on occasional Monday holidays, with hours from 11 am – 6 pm.

FARMSTAND showcases organic, and local farms and food producers in Pescadero and neighboring communities. Located  in a historic 150 year old hay barn, at 1743 Pescadero Road, 2 miles from Highway 1, FARMSTAND is owned and operated by Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, a leading certified organic herb and specialty produce grower. FARMSTAND is open Friday – Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm and on Monday holidays, throughout the summer and fall.

About Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo
Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo is recognized nationally for pioneering organic growing practices and for its unique business model focused on social and environmental responsibility. Founded in 1980, Jacobs Farm has long been recognized for the consistently high quality of its organic herbs and edible flowers. In 1985, guided by a social mission to alleviate poverty in rural farming communities, founders Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin created Del Cabo. The formation of this cooperative, now nearly 500 small-scale family farms in Baja, California, has significantly improved the lives of thousands as well as the communities in which they live, while providing organic specialty vegetables and fruit to U.S. markets.

Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo has received numerous awards and recognition, including the Organic Trade Association’s prestigious 2007 Organic Farming Leadership Award and the 2005 Sustainability Award from the County of San Mateo. Jacobs Farm has ten farm sites in Northern California and combines its production with that of the Del Cabo cooperative for year-round availability of high quality fresh herbs, specialty tomatoes, vegetables and fruits. For more information, please visit www.jacobsfarm.com and www.delcabo.com.

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I just purchased your Sugar Plum Grape Tomatoes and they are without rival the best tomatoes of any kind. Thank you for the heavenly organic produce.

—Paul from Berkeley, CA