Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo Expands Innovative Product Lines

Del Cabo specialty peppers, fresh ginger, new US grown vegetable production and Jacobs Farm single-serve organic herbs signal significant expansion for veteran organic producers

Nov 1, 2011

PESCADERO, CA – Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo introduced several innovative additions to their product lines during Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit 2011, in Atlanta, GA this October. The California-based grower/shipper showcased certified organic Del Cabo Padrón Peppers, fresh ginger root, California grown snap peas and Jacobs Farm’s Just Enough line of single-serve organic herbs.

“Del Cabo’s specialty pepper line now includes Padrón peppers, perfect for today’s home gourmet exploring global flavors,” said Marina Pace, Director of Marketing for Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo. “Previously, consumers could only find this specialty variety at farmers’ markets. Prepared as a tapas-style appetizer, Padrón peppers are cherished in Spain and are gaining popularity in the states, where they are finding their way onto more restaurant menus,” she added. Packed for retail and available seasonally, this sweet, mildly piquant pepper is known for the surprise of an occasional fiery pepper in the mix.

Del Cabo is adding other international flavors to its product line as a result of a recent collaboration with Fairtrasa, a fair trade company. The initial offering, fresh certified organic ginger root from Peru, was recently released in 10 lb. and 30 lb. bulk packs, with plans underway for a retail pack. Avocados have also begun shipping and will be followed by additional tropical crops. “This is a tremendous opportunity to partner with a company whose mission, values and vision parallel our own,” said Larry Jacobs, CEO of Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo.

Tackling the enormous problem of poverty in Latin America has been the focus of both companies, who educate and provide small family farms with fair returns through innovative, sustainable business models. “We’re bringing more opportunities for consumers to both connect with their values and to explore products with bold, new flavors,” Jacobs said.

This summer brought an expansion of Del Cabo’s line of organic vegetables. With the launch of a California grown sugar snap pea program in addition to its Baja production, Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo plans to close production gaps and provide year-round availability of snap peas and other vegetables. “The additional production has helped strengthen supplies in response to an overall increase in demand for quality organic vegetables”, said Jacobs. Jacobs Farm has ten diverse farm sites in Northern California and in combination with the Del Cabo cooperative, over 3,700 certified organic acres are available for production.

Jacobs Farm’s newest addition to its premium fresh organic herb offerings, the Just Enough line of smaller, ¼ ounce herb clamshells, makes it easy for “gourmet curious” consumers to experiment with an herb they’ve never tried. The smaller pack also offers the perfect size - just enough - for a favorite recipe.

About Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo
For over 30 years, Jacobs Farm has delivered consistently high quality organic fresh herbs and edible flowers. Founded by Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin in 1980, Jacobs Farm grows more than 60 organic fresh herbs and edible flower varieties along the pristine northern California coast.

In 1985, Jacobs and Belin spearheaded the Del Cabo farming cooperative to provide solutions to poverty in Latin America. Through the creation of a unique business model that teaches organic farming and promotes sustainability, Del Cabo’s cooperative of small family farms successfully exports fairly traded specialty produce to U.S. and Canadian markets. As a result, over 400 families and their communities benefit through improved livelihoods.

Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo is recognized for pioneering organic growing practices and for its unique business model focused on social responsibility.

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I just purchased your Sugar Plum Grape Tomatoes and they are without rival the best tomatoes of any kind. Thank you for the heavenly organic produce.

—Paul from Berkeley, CA