Growing organically reduces pesticide exposure
Growing organically reduces pesticide exposure

The Organic Benefit

Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants, Healthy People®... Healthy Planet

Organic farming uses methods that maintain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. By creating healthy, fertile soils and not using toxic and persistent synthetic chemicals used in conventional farming, organic farming produces wide-reaching benefits, including:

Protecting the environment by reducing the amount of pollution in the air, ground, water and food supplies and by retaining more carbon in the ground, which could slow global warming.

Protecting our health and that of future generations by reducing overall exposure to chemicals known to cause serious human health problems. Children are particularly at risk for high exposure rates and clearly benefit from organic farming practices and from food produced organically.

Providing a healthier work environment for farm workers and for their families living in agricultural areas by reducing their exposure to toxic synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and fungicides.

Conserving natural resources by preventing topsoil erosion, increasing soil fertility, reducing water consumption, protecting groundwater, and by reducing energy use.

Protecting and promoting species diversity by safeguarding the environment and by creating and protecting habitat.

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About Organic

Found your wonderful tomatoes here in Littlestown, PA, and they are just great. Thank you for growing them and thank you for doing it the way you do, organically! Thank the farmers for me. They are so tasty!

—Robert from Pennsylvania