Product testing confirms no harmful bacteria
Product testing confirms no harmful bacteria

Food Safety and Quality

At Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo, we are committed to providing safe, healthy produce.

From the moment we began farming in 1980, we used organic farming methods because founders Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin were dedicated to providing safe food free of chemicals dangerous to people and the environment. Food safety and quality have always been a top priority for us, and—over the years—we have developed a rigorous food safety program that includes innovative technology and some of the most advanced procedures in the food industry.

In addition to adhering to the national standards set by the USDA for organic produce, we continue to meet or exceed all industry standards for food safety and continually evaluate and update our existing food safety program by incorporating the latest advances in food science best practices.

Our program encompasses all aspects of our operations, from the field to the packing facilities. Worker hygiene, soil preparation, growing methods, harvest, post-harvest handling, packing, storing and shipping are just some of the areas of focus. Our program includes: In addition to our own internal audits, we invite third-party agencies to review our adherence to strict standards.
For the importing of product from our Mexico partners:


In addition to our famously delicious organic cherry tomatoes and basil, Del Cabo offers a wide variety of certified organic vegetables and fruits. Our ever increasing product line provides many choices to help you meet the recommended daily intake of plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables.