A Del Cabo Farmer
In his 80's and still farming, Carlos Ruiz is one of the original Del Cabo farmers

Social Responsibility

From the beginning, Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo has set out to do more that just sell a product. Our goal is to practice farming and business in such a way that it can be carried on for generations to come... in a way that takes care of our workers, farmers, the earth, and consumers.

A successful working model of a socially responsible organization, Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo improves the lives of small-scale growers and their families by providing economic opportunities and a safer environment free of toxic and persistent chemicals.

The catalyst for social change began with the creation of Jacobs Farm and continued with the later development of the Del Cabo Cooperative. Today, as a result, communities in California and in the Baja area of Mexico are thriving and more sustainable.

Through the teaching and promoting of organic farming methods, more than 1,300 farming families of the Del Cabo grower-owned cooperative have benefited and the numbers are growing. Farmers always receive a fair price for their crops, communities continue to flourish, and future generations are encouraged to stay on the land. With experience and support behind them every step of the way, these organic growers deliver the very best produce for consumers and the land remains a valuable resource, not destroyed by chemicals for short-term gain.

Many stories of dramatic changes in the lives of the Del Cabo growers and their families have emerged.

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About Us

I just wanted you to know that I buy Del Cabo cherry tomatoes …in Ocean Beach, California. …I appreciate
(Larry and Sandra's) knowledge and ability to help the small farmer make a decent living farming organically. The Jacobs’ are to be commended. …it's not just their ability and knowledge, but incredible spirit. I thank them!

- Jane from California